Ride Engine Women’s Onsen 5/4/3 Front Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit 10


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Conquer the waves in style with the Women’s Onsen 5/4/3 Full Wetsuit! This sleek wetsuit features a front zip and hood for ultimate comfort and warmth, perfect for your next water adventure. Dive in with confidence with this top-notch wetsuit for a superior surfing experience!


Brand: Ride Engine


  • YAMAMOTO #40 NEOPRENE: The Global Leader in sustainable limestone-based neoprene. Sustainable, Maximum Flexibility, Higher Memory Value, No Chemicals. FRONT-ZIP ENTRY: Offers easy entry and flush resistance. ABRASIVE RESISTANCE KNEE PADS: Protects your knees from impact and adds an extra layer to prevent wear and tear on your suit.
  • GLIDE NECK SKIN: A velvet layer that prevents neck rub and averts flooding. THERMAL LOCK FLEECE LINING: Plush and quick drying this fleece lining keeps you warm in the harshest conditions. GLUED, TAPED-SEALED & BLIND-STITCHED SEAMS: Triple threat performance to keep water out and reduce chafing in seamed areas.
  • TAPERED & MATRIX-DOT WRIST GRIP: Easy on and easy off assistance. ANKLE DRAIN HOLES: Rapidly lets water out to let you stay dry.
  • Water Temp: 50°F and below | 10°C and below
  • Sizes: 4, 6, 6/Tall, 8, 8/Tall, 10, 12


The Women’s Onsen 5/4/3 Front Zip Hooded Full Wetsuit 10 by Ride Engine is crafted with YAMAMOTO #40 NEOPRENE, known for its sustainable limestone-based composition, offering maximum flexibility and higher memory value without any harmful chemicals. The front-zip entry ensures easy access and minimizes water flush. Featuring abrasive resistance knee pads for protection and durability, a glide neck skin to prevent rubbing, and a thermal lock fleece lining for warmth and quick drying. With glued, taped-sealed & blind-stitched seams for optimal water resistance and comfort, this wetsuit also boasts tapered & matrix-dot wrist grip and ankle drain holes for added convenience. Ideal for water temperatures of 50°F and below, available in various sizes to suit different body types.

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