Power Systems Men’s Olympic Barbell Silver


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Achieve peak performance with the Power Systems 7′ Men’s Olympic Bar. This barbell is ideal for weightlifting and powerlifting enthusiasts, featuring 8 roller pin bearings for smooth, consistent lifts. Crafted with durable stainless steel construction, this bar is built to last through your toughest training sessions. Boost your strength and reach your fitness goals with this high-quality Olympic bar.


Brand: Power Systems

Color: Silver


  • BUILT FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE FOR OLYMPIC LIFTS – The perfect bar for the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk! Improve your Olympic technical lifts with our 20 KG, 28 mm. Olympic weight barbell.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN – 20 KG stainless steel bar is 86 5/8” L x 28 mm. diameter to meet current IWF specifications. Sleeve is 16” L x 2” diam. and fits any Olympic-sized bumper plate. Barbell has a 190,000 PSI rating and a weight limit of 1,500 lbs.
  • QUICK, SMOOTH PLATE ROTATION – The 8 roller pin bearings provide a quick, smooth plate rotation for the high velocity, explosive lifts that Olympic weightlifting requires.
  • CLEARLY MARKED ON ENDS AND SLEEVE – Always know which bar to choose! Power Systems new line of bars are easy to tell apart – color-coded, clearly marked end caps and sleeve bands tell you the KG at a glance.
  • KNURLING FOR EASIER GRIP – Olympic bars have center knurling, which is textured pattern etched onto the bar shaft to assist with grip during lifts.


Enhance your Olympic lifts with the Power Systems 7′ Men’s Olympic Bar. Crafted for precision and performance, this 20 KG stainless steel barbell is designed to elevate your Snatch, Clean, and Jerk techniques. With a 190,000 PSI rating and a 1,500 lbs weight limit, this barbell meets current IWF specifications and ensures durability. The 8 roller pin bearings enable smooth plate rotation, essential for explosive Olympic weightlifting movements. Easily differentiate between bars with color-coded end caps and sleeve bands for quick identification. The center knurling provides a secure grip during lifts, making this barbell a reliable choice for weight lifting and power lifting enthusiasts.

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Dimensions 86.0 × 1.1 × 1.1 cm