O’Neill Psycho Tech 3/2+mm Chest Zip Full Wetsuit Black/Black


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Dive into the waves with the O’Neill Psycho Tech 3/2+mm Chest Zip Wetsuit in sleek black. Designed for comfort and flexibility, this wetsuit in size Small offers top-notch performance for your surfing adventures. Suit up and conquer the sea in style!


Brand: O’NEILL



  • O’Neill’s Psycho Tech combines our exclusive TechnoButter 3 and added heat-generating TechnoButter Air-Firewall. It’s offered in a wide range of styles with the hi-tech features you need to stay warm and toasty in any condition.
  • F.U.Z.E. Closure (Chest Zip)
  • Redzone Water Resistant Zipper
  • 360° Barrier With Drainholes (F.U.Z.E.)
  • Super Seal Cuffs


Stay warm and comfortable in the water with the O’Neill Psycho Tech 3/2+Mm Chest Zip Full Wetsuit in Black/Black, size Small. Crafted by O’NEILL, this wetsuit features innovative TechnoButter 3 combined with heat-generating TechnoButter Air-Firewall for ultimate insulation. The F.U.Z.E. Closure (Chest Zip) ensures a secure fit, while the Redzone Water Resistant Zipper and 360° Barrier with Drainholes keep water out. With Super Seal Cuffs for added protection, this wetsuit offers the hi-tech features needed to stay warm and toasty in any water condition.

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