Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical Machine Trainer


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Premium media console with virtual active programming, personalized workout options and touch screen capabilities. Commercial-grade construction for durability and performance. Elevate your fitness routine with the Octane Fitness XT4700 Elliptical Trainer.


Brand: Octane Fitness


  • The top-of-the-line XT4700 is loaded with premium features, including adjustable stride length from 18″-28″, so exercisers of different sizes can easily vary their stride throughout workouts
  • Octane’s exclusive Smart Stride automatically adjusts your stride length to naturally replicate walking, jogging, running or moving backwards
  • The XT4700 delivers a variety of effective, efficient total-body workouts with forward and Reverse motion so you Use more muscles overall, burn more calories and see results
  • Add HIIT routines to any program with a unique Workout Booster, such as X-Mode or Arm Blaster, to increase intensity and capitalize on cross training
  • For greater challenges, take advantage of Octane’s exclusive advanced workouts such as CROSS Circuit, MMA and 30:30 Interval, which build stamina and improve fitness


Enhance your fitness routine with the Octane Fitness XT4700 Commercial Grade Elliptical Machine Trainer. This top-of-the-line elliptical features adjustable stride length from 18″-28″, catering to users of all sizes for a customizable workout experience. With Octane’s exclusive Smart Stride technology, the elliptical automatically adjusts your stride to mimic various movements like walking, jogging, running, or moving backwards. Offering forward and reverse motion, this machine engages multiple muscle groups, maximizes calorie burn, and delivers effective total-body workouts. Add intensity to your sessions with unique Workout Boosters like X-Mode and Arm Blaster for HIIT routines. Explore advanced workout programs such as CROSS Circuit, MMA, and 30:30 Interval to enhance stamina and overall fitness levels. Elevate your fitness journey with the XT4700 elliptical for a versatile and challenging workout experience.

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