Octane Fitness xR6xi Elliptical Trainer Black


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Experience a full-body workout like never before with the Octane Fitness xR6xi Elliptical Trainer. Target your muscles with customizable resistance levels and varied workout programs. Take your fitness to the next level with this premium elliptical machine.


Brand: Octane Fitness

Color: black


  • The xR6xi accommodates exercisers who want to really challenge themselves, as well as those who prefer a leisurely ride, effectively burning calories while seated comfortably
  • Built for rock-solid, long-lasting performance, Octane ellipticals are tough enough for health clubs worldwide but provide the same great workout and results in the comfort of your home
  • Powerstroke technology facilitates optimal leg extension, which helps to engage muscles, burn calories and maximize workout effectiveness
  • This is the most effective workout you can get while sitting down, because it is a total-body regimen that produces greater caloric expenditure
  • HIIT training can be easily added to any program by selecting a Workout Booster on the console so you burn more calories and see results faster


Achieve a challenging workout or opt for a leisurely ride with the Octane Fitness xR6xi Elliptical Trainer. Designed for both intense exercise and comfortable seated workouts, this elliptical boasts rock-solid durability for long-lasting performance. Featuring Powerstroke technology for optimal leg extension, this machine engages muscles, burns calories, and maximizes workout effectiveness. Enjoy a total-body regimen that burns more calories, thanks to the innovative design that allows for effective workouts while seated. With the ability to easily incorporate HIIT training through the console, this elliptical ensures you burn more calories and achieve faster results. Octane Fitness brings the efficiency of health club workouts to the comfort of your home with the xR6xi Elliptical Trainer in sleek black.

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