NuStep T6MAX Recumbent Cross Trainer


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The NuStep T6MAX Recumbent Cross Trainer offers a low-impact, full-body workout experience. With its adjustable seat and ergonomic design, it is suitable for users of all fitness levels. Get ready to achieve your fitness goals with this innovative and versatile exercise machine.


Brand: NuStep

Color: NuStep T6MAX Recumbent Cross Trainer,


  • Dual-Screen Console
  • Reclining 360-Degree Swivel Seat
  • Adjustable Arms and Hand Grips
  • Locking Handles and Pedals
  • Foot Secure System


The NuStep T6MAX Recumbent Cross Trainer offers a comprehensive workout experience with its dual-screen console for tracking progress, a reclining 360-degree swivel seat for comfort, and adjustable arms and hand grips for a customized fit. The locking handles and pedals ensure stability during intense workouts, while the foot secure system provides added safety. This recumbent cross trainer by NuStep combines functionality and innovation to help you achieve your fitness goals effectively and comfortably.

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Weight 295.0 kg
Dimensions 73.0 × 30.0 × 52.0 cm