Mustang Survival Water Rescue Drysuit XXL Yellow/Black


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Stay prepared and safe on the water with the Mustang Water Rescue Drysuit. This XXL suit in striking yellow and black offers unbeatable protection and visibility. Be ready for any water emergency with this essential piece of equipment.


Brand: Mustang Survival

Color: Yellow/Black


Stay safe and secure during water rescues with the Mustang Survival Water Rescue Drysuit in XXL size. Crafted by the renowned brand Mustang Survival, this drysuit ensures maximum protection and visibility in high-pressure situations. The bold yellow and black color combination not only offers enhanced visibility but also exudes a professional and dependable look. Whether you’re in the water for work or recreation, this drysuit is a must-have for any water rescue professional or enthusiast.

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Dimensions 25.0 × 18.0 × 3.0 cm