MARCY Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System for Weight Training SM-7553 Multi


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Transform your workouts with the Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System. This all-in-one machine is designed for comprehensive weight training, featuring a Smith-style bar, dual-function leg developer, and more. Elevate your home gym experience with the SM-7553 and reach your fitness goals in style.


Brand: MARCY

Color: Multi


  • DELUXE SMITH CAGE – The Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System is a smith machine and power rack in one. Use the ultra-smooth chrome smith machine to safely workout on your own. And use the included bar catch / safety catches to complete squats, presses, and more.
  • ALL-IN-ONE HOME GYM – The SM-7553 Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym also includes traditional power tower features. Use the adjustable dip station for dips, or the multi-grip pull up station for pull-ups, chin-ups, and more. The row plate on the SM-7553 helps provide grip for your seated rows.
  • MULTIPLE EXERCISE OPTIONS – The SM-7553 offers a wide variety attachment for more workouts. Attach the landmine station for landmine squats and leg press attachment for leg presses. The resistance band / tube anchor rods can add even more resistance to your workouts as well (resistance bands / tubes not included).
  • BENCH VERSATILITY – To add to the convenience of this all-in-one smith machine home gym, transport wheels on the bench make it easy to move the bench in between workouts. The arm curl pad and leg developer stations on the bench are detachable to maximize your space during workouts.
  • BUILT-IN STORAGE – With so much included, the SM-7553 provides storage space so you don’t develop clutter. There are weight plate storage slots for your plates, two barbell storage posts, and storage hooks for some of your included accessories.


Enhance your home workout routine with the Marcy Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System for Weight Training SM-7553. This versatile all-in-one gym combines a smith machine and power rack, allowing for safe solo workouts with its chrome smith machine and bar catch/safety catches for squats and presses. Take advantage of the dip station, pull-up station, and row plate for a comprehensive workout experience. With attachments like the landmine station and leg press attachment, along with resistance band anchor rods, the SM-7553 offers a multitude of exercise options. The bench features detachable arm curl pad and leg developer stations, along with transport wheels for easy mobility. Stay organized with built-in storage for weight plates, barbells, and accessories, making the SM-7553 a convenient and efficient addition to your home gym setup.

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