Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike Blue Brooks


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Ride in style with the Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike. This sleek Brooks Blue freestyle BMX bike is perfect for riders of all levels. Conquer the streets with this eye-catching and high-performing bike.

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Brand: Mafiabikes

Color: Brooks


  • A lightweight BMX with a very high specification
  • Big 29″ Bars with an 8.5″ rise. Alloy single wall front rim and double wall rear rim
  • 2.4″ Fat Crawler Street Tyres, Tapered Fork Legs, U-Brake
  • 25/9 Gearing.
  • Fitted with aftermarket Lucky 6 grips


The Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike in Brooks Blue is a top-tier freestyle BMX bike that offers a lightweight design with exceptional features. It boasts big 29″ bars with an 8.5″ rise, an alloy single wall front rim, and a double wall rear rim for durability. Equipped with 2.4″ Fat Crawler Street Tyres, tapered fork legs, and a U-brake, this bike offers superior performance. The 25/9 gearing provides optimal control, while the aftermarket Lucky 6 grips ensure a comfortable and secure grip during rides. Ideal for BMX enthusiasts looking for a high-spec bike that delivers on both style and functionality.

UPC: 696952116014