LifeSpan Fitness Ampera Office Bike Space Gray

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Introducing the Lifespan Fitness Ampera Office Bike: a power-generating desk bike made with eco-friendly HIPS materials. Stay charged with its 65W USB-C port and 15W wireless charging capability. Work in style with this sleek Space Gray addition to your office setup.


Brand: LifeSpan Fitness

Color: Space Grey


  • Ergonomic Seat:2″ cushion seat made from high-density molded foam and breathable fabric. The lever-activated pneumatic seat can be easily adjusted to your preferred height (ranging from 5’2-6’5), ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience throughout your workday.
  • 65W USB-C Port / 15W Wireless Charging Convenience : Our regenerative pedals are finely tuned to generate power with great efficiency. At a casual speed of 60 rpm, the bike is capable of producing up to 65 watts per hour at any given resistance level fast charging. No more hassle with wires and plugs while you work and pedal.
  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Materials : In our efforts to reduce the use of virgin materials, and to achieve optimal structural integrity and material strength, we have chosen to use 31% of recycled HIPS.
  • Personalized Design : Customize your workspace with our Ampera desk bike. Choose from 12 different colors through our LifeSpan Fit app, allowing you to match your mood and create a vibrant atmosphere. Bring energy and style to your workspace with our integrated RGB ring light.
  • Easy to Move : Moving on to the base, the lightweight aluminum foundation provides rock-solid stability to prevent any seat moment during intense pedaling sessions. Moving the chair is effortless thanks to the built-in wheels and leather-wrapped seat handle.


The Lifespan Fitness Ampera Office Bike combines productivity and wellness seamlessly with its innovative features. This power-generating desk bike is crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable HIPS materials, showing a commitment to both durability and the environment. The convenience of a 65W USB-C port and 15W wireless charging capability allows you to stay connected and powered up while you work out. The ergonomic seat ensures comfort with its adjustable design, while the personalized customization options and easy mobility make this desk bike a versatile and stylish addition to any workspace.

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