Life Fitness T5 Treadmill with Track Connect Console Gray


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Get fit with the Life Fitness T5 Treadmill featuring the advanced Track Connect Console. Enjoy personalized workouts and connectivity options to enhance your fitness journey. Elevate your home gym experience with this top-of-the-line treadmill.


Brand: Life Fitness

Color: Gray


  • FLEXDECK SHOCK ABSORPTION SYSTEM – Our patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System reduces knee and joint stress when compared to running outside, decreasing the chance for injury.
  • ROOM TO RUN – Spacious 60” x 22” running surface accommodates long strides and gives you ultimate freedom of movement while being ENERGY CONSCIOUS. Efficient Energy Saver technology reduces energy use up to 90% so your T5 is only running when you are.
  • QUICK START – Remembers your preferred walk, jog and run speeds, as well as three different incline positions
  • CONNECTED EXPERIENCE – Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device to push data to a growing list of partner apps. Sync with most fitness apps by enabling proximity login on the LFconnect app. Or, connect to interactive apps for an engaging workout experience.
  • DUAL-ZONE DESIGN 1. ENTERTAINMENT ZONE – Placed at eye level for an ideal viewing experience. The compression rack securely holds all smartphones and tablets, even those with a protective case. 2. WORKOUT ZONE – The lower half of the console offers convenient workout setup and in-workout control. It features capacitive touch keys that illuminate when usable and dim when not in use.
  • Included components: Treadmill, console, chest strap, power cord, manual


Experience the ultimate in home fitness with the Life Fitness T5 Treadmill with Track Connect Console. This treadmill, in a sleek gray color, features the patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, reducing stress on knees and joints for a safer workout. The spacious 60” x 22” running surface allows for long strides, while the Energy Saver technology minimizes energy consumption. With personalized Quick Start options and Bluetooth connectivity for syncing with fitness apps, this treadmill offers a connected workout experience. The dual-zone console design provides both entertainment and workout control at your fingertips. Included components ensure you have everything you need for a complete fitness solution.

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