Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise Machine with Go Console Titanium


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Get ready to transform your home workouts with the Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise Machine. Featuring the innovative Go Console, this elliptical offers a seamless fitness experience with customizable workout programs and real-time tracking. Elevate your fitness journey with this top-of-the-line exercise machine.


Brand: Life Fitness

Color: Titanium


  • A COMBINATION OF EFFECTIVENESS AND EASY-TO-USE FUNCTIONALITY The E1 Elliptical Cross-Trainer provides natural movement exercise, quiet operation and a premium look with eye-catching titanium finish
  • SMOOTH NATURAL MOTION Extensive biomechanical research is used to create a fluid motion with an elliptical path that feels natural and comfortable
  • HEART RATE MONITORING Contact heart rate sensors on moving multigrip handles and stationary grips, telemetry heart rate monitoring and includes a wireless chest strap with console
  • WHISPERSTRIDE TECHNOLOGY Maintenance-free ball bearings reduce friction and ensure nearly silent operation, which is ideal for home use
  • The Go Console combines ease of use with a variety of engaging and motivating workout programs and its intuitive functionality with a simple, attractive design and eye-catching blue LCD screen makes it great for exercisers looking for a straightforward experience


Enhance your home workout routine with the Life Fitness E1 Cross Trainer Elliptical Exercise Machine with Go Console. Designed by Life Fitness in a sleek titanium finish, this elliptical cross-trainer offers a smooth and natural motion that feels comfortable and effective. Equipped with heart rate monitoring features, including contact sensors and a wireless chest strap, you can track your fitness progress easily. The WhisperStride Technology ensures quiet operation, making it perfect for home use. The Go Console provides a variety of workout programs in an intuitive and user-friendly design, featuring an eye-catching blue LCD screen for a straightforward and engaging exercise experience. Elevate your fitness journey with this premium elliptical machine from Life Fitness.

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