Life Fitness C3 Upright Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike with Go Console Black/Silver

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Get in shape with the Life Fitness C3 Upright Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike. Equipped with the Go Console, track your progress and stay motivated. Experience a reliable and comfortable workout at home.


Brand: Life Fitness

Color: Black/Silver


  • NATURAL UPRIGHT POSITION FOR COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY The C3 Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike has a natural riding position to ensure that workouts are comfortable and effective making every revolution as smooth and quiet so the exerciser can pedal toward their goals without disturbing others
  • HEART RATE MONITORING Contact heart rate hand sensors means that a wireless heart rate monitoring system included with console
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN Ergonomically designed handlebars with deluxe forearm support
  • NON-SLIP, SELF-BALANCING PEDALS Self-balancing pedals with ratcheting straps allow for a more balanced muscle use
  • The Go Console combines ease of use with a variety of engaging and motivating workout programs, intuitive functionality with a sleek, attractive design and eye-catching blue LCD screen and comes with 12 preloaded workouts and allows up to 2 custom workouts and 2 user profiles available


Enhance your home workout experience with the Life Fitness C3 Upright Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike. Designed for comfort and efficiency, this exercise bike offers a natural upright position that ensures smooth and quiet revolutions, allowing you to pedal towards your fitness goals without disturbing others. Equipped with contact heart rate hand sensors and an ergonomic design with deluxe forearm support, this bike provides a comfortable and effective workout experience. The non-slip, self-balancing pedals with ratcheting straps promote balanced muscle use. The included Go Console features 12 preloaded workouts, 2 custom workouts, and 2 user profiles, all displayed on an eye-catching blue LCD screen. Elevate your fitness routine with the Life Fitness C3 Upright Exercise Bike.

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