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Discover KymaR China’s efficient Freight Tricycles and Three-Wheeled Vehicles, capable of transporting up to 3,300 pounds with ease. Perfect for reliable and sturdy transportation needs, these vehicles offer practicality and durability in every journey. Choose KymaR for top-quality transportation solutions in China.

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Brand: KymaR

Color: Red


  • Fuel tricycles, also known as three-wheeled trucks, are a type of vehicle commonly used in China for transporting goods and materials. They are designed to be lightweight, durable, and fuel-efficient, making them ideal for use in urban areas with narrow streets and limited parking spaces.Vehicle size; 3,490 * 1,300 * 1,430mm, carriage size 1,900 x 1,300mm, fuel tank 18L, engine displacement 150cc, self-weight 926 lbs, load capacity 3,300 lbs, and maximum speed 60 km/h.
  • Tricycles, also known as three-wheeled motorcycles, are a popular form of transportation in China, particularly in rural areas and smaller towns. They are easy to maneuver, require less maintenance than traditional motorcycles, and are often used for carrying passengers and goods.
  • Freight tricycles are designed to carry heavy loads and are commonly used in industries such as logistics, construction, and retail. They are equipped with sturdy frames, powerful engines, and large cargo beds, allowing them to transport large quantities of goods over long distances.
  • Tricycles and freight tricycles are widely available in China, with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers offering a variety of models and specifications to meet different customer needs. They are also relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for small businesses and individuals who need a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.
  • Tricycles and freight tricycles are important contributors to China’s economy, providing employment opportunities for millions of people and helping to improve transportation infrastructure in urban and rural areas. They are also environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion compared to traditional vehicles.


The KymaR China’s Popular Freight tricycles, Three-Wheeled Motorcycles and Three-Wheeled Fuel Trucks in striking red color are versatile and robust vehicles designed to carry up to 3,300 pounds with ease. These vehicles are a common sight in China, where they are used for transporting goods efficiently in urban and rural areas alike. With a lightweight yet durable construction, powerful engine, and spacious cargo bed, these tricycles are perfect for industries such as logistics, construction, and retail. Whether for carrying heavy loads or passengers, these three-wheeled vehicles from KymaR offer reliability, efficiency, and affordability, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking for a dependable mode of transportation that contributes positively to both the economy and the environment.

UPC: 652791658290