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Experience the thrill of freestyle cycling with the JINCAN 24″ Unicycle. Perfect for outdoor fun and balance sports, this pedal bicycle is the ultimate birthday gift. Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with this high-quality unicycle.

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  • ◎ 24″ Wheel: 16in wheel: suitable user height: 115cm – 155cm (45″ – 24in wheel: suitable user height: above 175cm ( Above 69in ).
  • ◎ Ideal for Beginner and Professional: Suitable for kids / teenagers to practice riding and improve balance. Perfect for sports, exercising & recreational activities. It is also a perfect Christmas or birthday present.
  • ◎ Safe to Ride: Seat handle for beginner to grab onto while riding. The use of anti-slip tread tires, wear-resistant. Uneven non-slip pedals increase friction and effectively prevent slippage.
  • ◎ Durable & Comfortable: Steel frame, aluminum alloy rim, 2-layers tire and adjustable seat.
  • ◎ Easy to Assemble: Quick release seat post clamp and a wrench comes with the unicycle for easy installation.


The JINCAN 24″ Unicycle is a versatile outdoor balance sports bicycle that offers safety, comfort, and excitement. Designed with a 24″ wheel, it caters to a wide range of users from beginners to professionals, making it an ideal choice for kids, teenagers, and adults above 175cm in height. Safety features like the seat handle for beginners and anti-slip tread tires ensure a secure riding experience, while the durable steel frame and comfortable adjustable seat provide long-lasting enjoyment. Easy to assemble with a quick release seat post clamp and included wrench, this unicycle is not only a great tool for practicing balance and improving skills but also a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for any cycling enthusiast.

UPC: 074541347245

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