IPU Teaching Platform/Swimming Island


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Revolutionize swim training with the versatile IPU MSPI20 Teaching Platform/Swimming Island. This innovative tool offers a stable platform for instructors to guide swimmers of all levels. Enhance your aquatic sessions with this durable and multifunctional teaching platform.


Brand: IPU


  • Teaching swimming
  • Leading aquatic exercise
  • Safety station
  • Completely portable
  • 18″ or 26″ platform height


Enhance your aquatic activities with the IPU MSPI20 Teaching Platform/Swimming Island. This versatile platform by IPU serves as a teaching tool for swimming, a base for leading aquatic exercises, and a safety station for added security during water sessions. Its portable design allows for easy transportation to different water settings, making it ideal for swim instructors or aquatic fitness trainers on the go. Choose between the 18″ or 26″ platform height options to suit your specific needs. Elevate your aquatic experiences with this multifunctional IPU platform.

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