Inspire Fitness Foldable Treadmill with Incline LED Touchscreen


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Upgrade your home gym with the Inspire Fitness Tread 3 Folding Treadmill! This foldable treadmill comes with a 3-month Centr membership, making it perfect for your fitness journey. Enjoy a cushioned deck, LED touchscreen, and incline for a comfortable and immersive workout experience.


Brand: Inspire Fitness


  • BUILT FOR THE HOME – Sleek, sturdy design features a 20 x 55” surface with speed range from 1–10 mph and an incline from 0–12% allowing for a variety of walk, jog, or run workouts.
  • NATURAL STRIDE TECHNOLOGY – Specially designed motor controller delivers the feel of running on a flat road by sensing the user’s natural stride speed and adjusting accordingly.
  • CLOUD CUSHION SUSPENSION – Minimize the impact on your body with a tread that is engineered to soften the impact of each stride.
  • EASY FOLDING FRAME – Convenient folding design allows users to lift the deck for easy storage and bring it back down with a 1-tap hydraulic release.
  • WORRY-FREE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – High-performance motor delivers an energy efficient, self-cooling, quiet and long-lasting experience.
  • ELEGANT RESPONSIVE TOUCHSCREEN – Innovative LED touchscreen console with quick key functionality to get you into your workout faster.
  • LEGACY OF STRENGTH – Built on 20+ years of quality craftsmanship from the team at Inspire Fitness.
  • INCLUDES 3 MONTH CENTR DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP – Train with Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts. It’s your go-to source for total well-being with limitless ways to fuel your movement, meals, and mind.


Enhance your home workout routine with the Inspire Fitness Tread 3 Folding Treadmill. Designed for home use, this treadmill offers a spacious 20 x 55” surface with adjustable speed and incline settings, catering to various workout intensities. The Natural Stride Technology adapts to your pace, providing a smooth running experience. Experience minimal impact on your joints with the Cloud Cushion Suspension system. Conveniently fold the treadmill for storage using the easy folding frame with a hydraulic release. The brushless motor ensures efficiency and durability, while the responsive LED touchscreen console makes navigation a breeze. Plus, with a 3-month Centr Digital Membership included, you can access expert training and wellness resources to elevate your fitness journey.

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Dimensions 70.0 × 41.0 × 47.0 cm