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Discover the ultimate ride with the INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle. This 18-inch self-balancing monowheel boasts a 3.35” air suspension for a smooth journey. With a 75-mile long range, max speed of 34MPH, and 35° climbing ability, it’s time to elevate your commuting experience.



Color: Black


  • The INMOTION Advantage: Join us in pioneering modern transportation for a sustainable future. You can feel free to consult if you have any questions during the purchase or use process. Professional service team are always here.
  • Advanced Suspension Technology: With the cutting-edge 3.35-inch adjustable air spring suspension, it can effectively absorbs shock and vibration even on rough terrain, minimizing fatigue and discomfort for the rider.
  • Unlock Long-Distance Travel: V11 features a massive 1500Wh battery that provides an impressive 75-mile range. Whether commuting, exploring, or cruising, V11 has stamina and endurance to take you wherever you want to go.
  • Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon: With a powerful 2200W motor, the V11 can reach blazing-fast speeds of up to 34 MPH. Experience the rush of the wind in your hair as you zoom down the road.
  • Ultimate Climbing Machine: With remarkable engineering, the V11 can effortlessly conquer steep inclines of up to 35°. Navigating rugged terrain or taking on a challenging hill is no problem for the V11.


Experience the future of personal transportation with the INMOTION V11 Electric Unicycle. This innovative self-balancing monowheel is equipped with advanced 3.35” air suspension technology that ensures a smooth ride on any terrain. With a massive 1500Wh battery, the V11 offers an impressive 75-mile range, perfect for commuting or exploring. Reach thrilling speeds of up to 34 MPH with the powerful 2200W motor, while effortlessly conquering steep inclines of up to 35°. Join the movement towards sustainable transportation with the INMOTION V11.

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