Hyperlite 2016 Milkcart Wakeboard-136 Red/Black/Multi


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Get ready to shred with the Hyperlite 2016 Milkcart Wakeboard-136. This high-performance wakeboard offers superior control and agility on the water. Elevate your skills and experience the ultimate ride with this top-of-the-line wakeboard.


Brand: Hyperlite

Color: Red / Black / Multi


The Hyperlite 2016 Milkcart Wakeboard-136 is a top-of-the-line wakeboard designed for performance and style on the water. Made by Hyperlite, a trusted brand in watersports equipment, this wakeboard features a vibrant Red/Black/Multi color scheme that stands out on the waves. With its innovative design and superior construction, the Hyperlite 2016 Milkcart Wakeboard-136 offers riders a thrilling and stable experience for shredding the wake.

UPC: 054065647007