Hyperlite 119 Motive Wakeboard w/Remix Kids Boots


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Get your little one started on the water with the Hyperlite 119 Motive Wakeboard paired with Remix Kids Boots, perfect for sizes K12-2. This youth wakeboard setup offers durability, control, and fun for young riders learning the ropes. Elevate your child’s water adventures with this high-quality wakeboard and boots combo.

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Brand: Hyperlite


The Hyperlite 119 Motive Wakeboard with Remix Kids Boots in Size K12-2 is designed for young riders looking to improve their wakeboarding skills. With a brand like Hyperlite known for quality and innovation, this wakeboard set offers durability and performance. The included Remix Kids Boots in Size K12-2 provide a secure and comfortable fit, making it easy for young riders to stay balanced on the water. Whether they’re beginners or more advanced riders, this wakeboard set is sure to provide hours of fun on the water for kids looking to enjoy the thrill of wakeboarding.

UPC: 054065710268

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Dimensions 119.0 cm