Hoodoo Stingray 130S Deluxe Fishing Kayak Molten Lava


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Experience top-notch fishing adventures with the Hoodoo Stingray 130S Deluxe Fishing Kayak in the eye-catching Molten Lava color. This sleek and sturdy kayak is equipped for optimal angling performance and comfort on the water. Upgrade your fishing game with this premium kayak today.

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Brand: Hoodoo

Color: 130S


  • One of the standout features of the Hoodoo Stingray 130S is its exceptional stability. Equipped with a sleek yet stable design, you can cast your line with confidence, even in choppy waters.
  • With fishing enthusiasts in mind, the Hoodoo Stingray 130S comes with ample storage options.
  • Enjoy hours on the water in complete comfort. The kayak features an adjustable, padded seat with excellent back support.
  • The Stingray 130S boasts exceptional tracking and maneuverability, making it easy to reach your favorite fishing spots or navigate tight channels.
  • Hoodoo has equipped this kayak with a wealth of angler-friendly features, including multiple fishing rod holders, gear tracks for accessories, and even a fishfinder mounting point.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials, the Hoodoo Stingray 130S is designed to withstand the elements.


Experience unmatched stability and premium angling features with the Hoodoo Stingray 130S Deluxe Fishing Kayak in the striking Molten Lava color. Designed by Hoodoo, this kayak offers exceptional stability, making it ideal for casting lines in various water conditions. With ample storage options and a comfortable adjustable padded seat, you can spend hours on the water with ease. Enjoy precise tracking and maneuverability to reach your preferred fishing spots effortlessly. Equipped with multiple rod holders, gear tracks, and a fishfinder mounting point, this kayak is tailored for fishing enthusiasts. Crafted from durable materials, the Stingray 130S ensures longevity and performance in all environments.

UPC: 730544402380

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