Hollis DX-300X (XL) Black


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The Hollis DX-300X (XL) combines premium materials and advanced design for superior diving performance. With its ergonomic fit and reliable features, this drysuit offers comfort and durability for all your underwater adventures. Dive confidently with the trusted quality of the Hollis DX-300X (XL) drysuit.

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Brand: Hollis

Color: Black


  • Hollis DX 300X Dry Suits with Neoprene Socks


The Hollis DX-300X (XL) dry suit by Hollis in classic black is designed for comfort and durability. Featuring neoprene socks, this suit ensures a snug and watertight fit for your underwater adventures. The high-quality construction of the Hollis DX-300X dry suit guarantees reliable performance and protection in various diving conditions.

UPC: 020545209294

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