Hobie Tramp Set Ti Black


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Upgrade your Hobie catamaran with the durable Tramp Set Ti in sleek black. Improve comfort and stability with this essential accessory for your sailing adventures. Elevate your experience on the water with this high-quality trampoline set.


Brand: Hobie

Color: Black


  • Added space for carrying gear, reduces spray in cockpit
  • Allows you to move weight outboard for better performance in windy conditions
  • Comfortable sitting or laying down position
  • Carry additional crew / kids / pets (does not increase basic weight capacity)
  • Available for the Island Solo model years 2015 and newer


Enhance your Hobie Island Solo kayak with the Hobie Tramp Set Ti in Black. This sleek tramp set not only adds extra space for carrying gear but also minimizes spray in the cockpit for a more comfortable ride. The set allows you to redistribute weight for improved performance in windy conditions and offers a cozy sitting or laying down position. Perfect for accommodating additional crew, kids, or pets without affecting the basic weight capacity, this tramp set is compatible with Island Solo models from 2015 and onwards. Upgrade your kayaking experience with this versatile and functional accessory from Hobie.

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Additional information

Dimensions 40.0 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm