Gronk Fitness Selectorized Dual Ab & Back Black


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Enhance your core workout with the Gronk Fitness Selectorized Dual Ab & Back machine. This versatile equipment allows you to target both abdominal and back muscles in one efficient session. Achieve a stronger and more defined midsection with this sturdy and sleek machine.


Brand: Gronk Fitness

Color: Black


  • Frame Construction: Solid steel machined weights with self-lubricated bushings
  • Weight Selection: Aluminum weight stack pin for easy weight selection
  • Cables: Nylon-coated cables
  • Weight Shroud: Tinted low profile shrouds both front and back
  • Pulley System: Sealed-bearing nylon pulleys that provide consistent tension & fluidity with every rep


The Gronk Fitness Selectorized Dual Ab & Back machine offers a robust workout experience for strengthening both your core and back muscles. Constructed with solid steel machined weights and self-lubricated bushings, this machine ensures durability and smooth operation. The aluminum weight stack pin allows for easy weight selection, while the nylon-coated cables and sealed-bearing nylon pulleys provide consistent tension and fluid movement with every repetition. The tinted low profile shrouds add a sleek touch to the overall design, making this machine not only functional but also visually appealing. Get ready to elevate your ab and back workout routine with this high-quality fitness equipment from Gronk Fitness.

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