GRIND FITNESS Chaos 4000 Power Rack (Chaos4000) Black


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Step up your fitness game with the GRIND Fitness Chaos 4000 Power Rack. This sturdy and versatile equipment is perfect for weightlifting, squats, and various strength training exercises. Elevate your home gym setup with the Chaos 4000 Power Rack and achieve your fitness goals like a pro.



Color: Black


  • BEEFIEST SQUAT RACK – We decided to pull out all the stops and create the biggest, baddest squat rack we could at a price people could afford. The Chaos4000 is an absolute BEAST capable of handling the heaviest bench press and squats in your home gym.
  • SAFETY SPOTTER ARMS INCLUDED – Every Chaos4000 comes with safety spotter arms in the box. It’s advised to use the spotter arms when bench pressing or squatting alone, regardless of weight and our spotter arms will allow you to do so.
  • HEAVY-DUTY WEIGHT PEGS- You need somewhere to hold your weight plates and on the back of your rack is the ideal spot. It will keep your rack stable and make it easy to load up the bar. Each side has 3 evenly spaced weight pegs to hold your 45’s, 35’s, 25’s olympic weight sets and change plates.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY FOR THE HOME GYM – The Chaos4000 is capable of holding heavy loads and often. However, we designed it with features specifically for the home gym owner like a multi-grip pull-up bar for chin-ups, lined j-cups, spotter arms, black powdercoat, numbered uprights, and more.
  • GRIND FITNESS – The GRIND Fitness makes durable grym equipment for home at a great price. Build your home gym with all the other workout equipment we have to offer such as weight benches, free weights, barbells and more.


The GRIND Fitness Chaos 4000 Power Rack (Chaos4000) is the ultimate addition to any home gym setup. This beefy squat rack is designed to handle heavy bench presses and squats with ease, making it a beastly choice for serious lifters. Safety spotter arms are included for added security during solo workouts, while heavy-duty weight pegs keep your plates organized and secure. Built with commercial-quality materials, this rack boasts a multi-grip pull-up bar, lined j-cups, black powder coat finish, and numbered uprights, all tailored for the home gym enthusiast. Elevate your workout routine with GRIND Fitness and explore their range of durable gym equipment at an affordable price.

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