Gotway MCM5-14 Electric Unicycle Torque Champion 512wh 84v Begode Black


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Experience the thrill of the Gotway MCM5 Electric Unicycle, a torque champion boasting 512wh power and 84v. Dominate the streets with this 14-inch wheel masterpiece from Begode. Own the road with power and precision.

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Brand: Got-Way

Color: black


  • Unmatched Torque —–Gotway almost doubled the motor power to 1500 Watt up from 800 Watt in the previous generation. The latest PCB upgrade delivers 3x peak performance of the previous architecture. With almost twice as much power as any other 14 inches unicycle, the MCM5 performance compares close to larger wheel diameter high-end performance unicycles, but trades top speed for unparalelled torque and hill climbing ability.
  • Compact nimble city EUC—– The MCM5 is a comparitivaley small unicycle. Nevertheless it features an extendable handle allowing you to effortlessy walk the MCM5 wherever driving is not an option. Smaller EUC generally have higher manoeuverability. Packed with ample torque for sudden accerlation the MCM5 is the ideal companion for congested places. Despite the small form factor, the case hosts up to 40 cells (512Wh) providing ample milage and allows for fast charging with 3 Ampere.


The Gotway MCM5-14 inches Electric Unicycle Torque Champion by Got-Way is a compact yet powerful EUC designed for urban mobility. With unmatched torque thanks to its upgraded 1500 Watt motor and advanced PCB technology, this unicycle offers exceptional hill climbing ability and maneuverability. Its extendable handle makes it easy to transport when not riding, and its 512Wh battery capacity provides ample mileage for city commutes. Ideal for navigating congested areas with ease, the MCM5 is a torque champion in a nimble and efficient package.

UPC: 725732798536