Generic Wooden Sport Ladder Set – Swedish Ladder w/Pull Up Bar, Rope Attachments, Monkey Triangle – Wall Stall Bars (Adjustable Pull Up Bar)


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Enhance your fitness routine with our Wooden Sport Ladder Set, featuring a Swedish Ladder with a Pull Up Bar, Rope Attachments, and Monkey Triangle. Perfect for both kids and adults, these Wall Stall Bars are versatile and adjustable to accommodate various exercises and skill levels. Elevate your workouts and enjoy a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home.


Brand: Generic


Enhance your workout routine with the Wooden Sport Ladder Set by Generic. This versatile Swedish Ladder comes equipped with a Pull Up Bar, Rope Attachments, and a Monkey Triangle, offering a range of exercises for both kids and adults. The Wall Stall Bars provide a sturdy base for various strength and agility workouts. With an Adjustable Pull Up Bar, you can customize the intensity of your exercises to suit your fitness level. Upgrade your home gym with this all-in-one Wooden Sport Ladder Set for a comprehensive and challenging workout experience.

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