Generic Strength Training Equipment for Hands, Wrists, Forearms – Bison-1 PRO


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Build strength and enhance performance with Bison-1 PRO Strength Training Equipment. This versatile tool targets hands, wrists, and forearms, making it a must-have for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Compact and portable, transform any space into a personal sports hall with Sotsky’s Exerciser in a bag.


Brand: Generic


  • Square handles. Emphasis on the development of the “plucked” grip
  • Long handles. The main feature of this modification is a specially selected shape of the handles, which allows you to change the intensity of the workout by changing the grip distance from the power block, which allows you to provide an extreme load on the hands of the trainee. The diameter of the handles is much larger than in standard simulators and they are more difficult to hold, which causes a significant increase in static load
  • The emphasis is on the movements of the fingers, wrist and elbow joints
  • Exercise machines provide an explosive increase in arm strength, as well as strength endurance. During training with Bizon, more than 30 muscles of the shoulder girdle are simultaneously involved and effectively worked out, which is not typical for traditional simulators, which are only responsible for certain groups
  • In other words, Bison-1 PRO is able to replace a whole range of simulators to strengthen the entire shoulder girdle.


Enhance your hand, wrist, and forearm strength with the Bison-1 PRO Strength Training Equipment. Designed with square handles that focus on developing a strong grip and long handles that allow for adjustable intensity levels, this equipment targets finger, wrist, and elbow movements effectively. By engaging over 30 muscles in the shoulder girdle simultaneously, it offers a comprehensive workout experience that traditional simulators may not provide. With Bison-1 PRO, you can achieve explosive arm strength and endurance, making it a versatile tool to strengthen your entire shoulder girdle.

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