Generic Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle A1 14 Inch White


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Discover the 14-inch Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle A1, equipped with a 155Wh battery for long rides and an impressive max speed of 11.5 mph. Lightweight and portable, it offers smart moving and smart fun on the go. Experience the future of personal transportation today!

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Brand: Generic

Color: white


  • ITEM SPECIFICATION: max speed 11.5mph / max load 220lbs / upgradable battery 155wh / max range 9 miles / nominal power 400W / charging time 3hours / item weight 23lbs
  • BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ENSURE SAFETY: The BMS closely monitors each battery to ensure it is working properly and safety. The system can also be set to sound an alarm if your unit is being tampered.
  • LIGHT AND PACKABLE: The One A1 is so light it can be easily carried as well as packed in your car. You can literally take it everywhere you go.
  • ALL TERRAIN: 15 degree slopes / narrow roads / fine gravel / potholes / grass.You can ride it on any terrain.
  • WATER RESISTANT PROTECTION: The One A1 circuit system features a fully sealed design and IP54 water resistant protection. There is no need to worry about light rain or damp road, just enjoy your ride.
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN ALLOWS FOR CREATIVE CUSTOMIZATION: Innovative design allows for the space a rider needs to make the EUC their own. Add your own unique style to this ride with decals, stickers, paint or even graffiti style art.
  • SAFETY IS TOP PRIORITY: Rider safety has always been, and continues to be our top priority. All our products has been built more than 16 years of safety technology experience to conform to strict industry standards.


Experience the ultimate freedom of movement with the 14 Inch Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle A1 by Generic in white. This innovative unicycle boasts a maximum speed of 11.5 mph, a robust 155Wh upgradable battery, and a remarkable 9-mile range. Weighing just 23lbs, it’s incredibly portable and can tackle various terrains with ease, from narrow roads to grassy fields. The Battery Management System ensures safety by closely monitoring each battery, while the water-resistant design allows you to ride worry-free even in light rain. With a minimalist design that invites creative customization, this electric unicycle prioritizes rider safety above all else, backed by over 16 years of safety technology expertise. Elevate your commute and leisure rides with this smart, fun, and portable electric unicycle.

UPC: 703742000481

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