Generic Golf Putting Aid Gate Set Silver


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Elevate your golf putting game with The Perfect Putter Compact Pack, complete with a Gate Set featuring 3 sizes for precision training. Improve your accuracy and consistency on the green with this essential golf putting aid from In The Hole Golf. Perfect your technique and sink more putts with ease!


Brand: Generic

Color: Silver


  • The Compact Pack comes with The Perfect Putter device together with the extension for long range putts, the stand for more stability, 3 different gates sizes for practicing your drills and a carrying bag. Manufactured 100% with the highest quality non-corrosive 316 stainless steel.
  • This smaller version is made for those that plan on traveling with it everywhere. It is small enough to fit in most suitcases. 14″ tall x 20″ long. Good for putts up to 15 feet without extension and 35 feet with the extension.
  • Great putting is characterized by matching speed with intended line. This makes a golfer’s green reading ability the most crucial factor in holing putts!
  • Make more putts
  • Lower your score


Improve your golf putting game with The Perfect Putter – Compact Pack. This handy golf putting aid includes the Perfect Putter device, extension for long-range putts, stability stand, 3 gate sizes for drills, and a convenient carrying bag. Crafted from top-quality non-corrosive 316 stainless steel, this compact version is ideal for travel, fitting easily into most suitcases. Perfect for putts up to 15 feet without the extension and 35 feet with it, this tool helps you match speed with the intended line for better green reading and more successful putts. Lower your score and improve your putting with this essential golfing companion from The Perfect Putter.

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