Generic Electric Tandem Bike with Fat Tires Black


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Explore the great outdoors with our Electric Tandem Bike. Designed for off-road adventures, this bike features fat tires for added stability and comfort. The FTETB-750 lets you enjoy the thrill of outdoor rides with ease and style.

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Brand: Generic

Color: Black


  • LED Headlight: Illuminate your path and enhance visibility during night rides with the built-in LED headlight.
  • Advanced Shock Absorber: Enjoy an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to the advanced shock absorber system.
  • Convenient Gear Selector: Easily switch gears with the gear selector located on the right handlebar, ensuring a seamless riding experience. It also includes hand brakes and a throttle speed controller.
  • Powerful and Secure Battery: The compact yet powerful battery is conveniently located and easily accessible. It locks in place with a key, ensuring security against theft.
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebar: Customize the bike to your preferred height and riding position with the adjustable seat and handlebar.


Experience thrilling off-road adventures for two with ease on the Electric Tandem Bike with Fat Tires FTETB-750. This electric bike by Generic in sleek black boasts a built-in LED headlight for enhanced visibility during night rides, an advanced shock absorber system for a smooth journey, and a convenient gear selector on the handlebar for seamless gear shifting. The powerful battery, with a secure locking mechanism, ensures reliability and security. Plus, the adjustable seat and handlebar allow for a personalized and comfortable riding experience. Gear up for unforgettable outdoor escapades with this electric tandem bike.

UPC: 685381878266

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