Fyxation Third Ward Black Small


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Explore urban streets with the versatile Fyxation Third Ward bike in sophisticated black finish. This small frame bicycle offers sleek design and optimal performance for city commuting and leisure rides. Get ready to cruise in style with the Fyxation Third Ward.

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Brand: Fyxation

Color: Black


  • Dutch style step through bicycle designed for comfort
  • 3 speeds that are geared for the city
  • Upright and comfortable ride
  • Includes matching painted fenders and chain guard
  • Includes kickstand


The Fyxation Third Ward in Black, Small size, offers a stylish and comfortable ride for urban commuters. This Dutch-style step-through bicycle is designed for city comfort, featuring 3 speeds ideal for urban environments. With an upright riding position, matching painted fenders and chain guard, as well as a convenient kickstand, this bike combines practicality with a sleek aesthetic. Perfect for navigating city streets with ease and style, the Fyxation Third Ward is a reliable companion for daily commuting.

UPC: 817815013930