French Fitness FFS Silver Glute Machine


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Get the ultimate glute workout with the new French Fitness FFS Silver Glute Machine. Take your fitness routine to the next level with this innovative equipment designed to sculpt and tone your glutes effectively. Elevate your strength training with this top-of-the-line machine today!


Brand: French Fitness

Color: Silver


  • The machine features 11 gauge steel, a 50 x 100 x 3mm oval steel tube, an upright body position, adjustable chest pad, urethane-covered handles, two layers of anti-static powder coating, and standard rubber feet for safety.
  • Contoured cushions with molded foam for comfort and durability, aluminum collars for traction, 7×19 strand construction, lubricated cable, and easy-to-follow instructions for proper use and muscle training.
  • The 4-1/2″ nylon pulleys have sealed bearings, standard rear shrouds, and solid-steel weight plates. The top weight plate has self-lubricating bushings, and a magnetic weight selector pin prevents loss.
  • The technical specifications for this item include a stack weight of 200 lbs and a weight of 448 lbs, with dimensions of 73″L x 36″W x 66″H.
  • Commercial grade product with 10 years warranty and 1 year labor, shipped new in manufacturer’s packaging, requires assembly.


The French Fitness FFS Silver Glute Machine is a commercial-grade powerhouse designed to elevate your workout routine. Crafted with durable 11 gauge steel and featuring a 200 lb stack weight, this machine offers a comprehensive glute workout experience. Boasting adjustable chest pad and contoured cushions for comfort, aluminum collars for traction, and 4-1/2″ nylon pulleys with sealed bearings, this machine ensures smooth and efficient exercise sessions. With solid-steel weight plates and self-lubricating bushings, along with safety features like standard rubber feet and a magnetic weight selector pin, this glute machine delivers both performance and peace of mind. Backed by a 10-year warranty, this new-in-packaging machine from French Fitness is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast looking to enhance their lower body strength and endurance.

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Weight 448.0 kg
Dimensions 73.0 × 36.0 × 66.0 cm