FLASHWALK Electric Unicycle 9Bot One Z10 18in Tire 28 mph 1800 Watt Motor 995 Wh Battery Max load 330 LBS Black


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Experience the ultimate thrill with the FLASHWALK Electric Unicycle. Featuring a powerful 1800 Watt motor and a top speed of 28 mph, this 9Bot One Z10 will take your ride to the next level. With a 995 Wh battery and a max load capacity of 330 lbs, this cutting-edge unicycle is perfect for adventure seekers.

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Color: Black


  • Max load : Up to 330 lbs
  • Max speed : Up to 28 mph
  • Motor : 1800 Watt
  • Max range : 56 miles
  • Battery:995Wh
  • Charging time :10 hours
  • Max driving incline angle :25°
  • App:iOS/Android (connection through Bluetooth)
  • IP protection:IP5x (protection from dust and splashing water)
  • Battery Management System (BMS):Load balancing, over- & undercurrent- & overheating protection Live driving performance metrics available on App


The FLASHWALK Electric Unicycle 9Bot One Z10 is a cutting-edge personal transportation device that combines power and precision. With a robust 1800 Watt motor and a high-capacity 995Wh battery, this electric unicycle can reach speeds of up to 28 mph and cover a range of 56 miles on a single charge. Designed for convenience and safety, it can support a maximum load of 330 lbs and features a steep incline angle of 25°. The integrated Battery Management System ensures efficient power distribution and protection against overcurrent, overheating, and undercurrent. Connect your device to the accompanying app via Bluetooth to access real-time driving metrics and enjoy a seamless user experience. Ideal for urban commuters and adventure seekers alike, the FLASHWALK Electric Unicycle 9Bot One Z10 sets a new standard for personal mobility.

UPC: 703742006162