De Soto T1 Black Pearl Pullover Wetsuit Black


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Discover the De Soto T1 Black Pearl Pullover Wetsuit in size 5, a high-performance choice for your aquatic adventures. Made with quality materials and ergonomic design, this wetsuit is perfect for triathletes and swimmers seeking comfort and speed. Elevate your water activities with this sleek and functional wetsuit.

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Brand: De Soto

Color: Black


  • New Features: Zipper is lighter weight and corrosion resistant. Less-toxic bonding agent for people with skin sensitivities.
  • The Black Pearl has the same design, construction, and fit as the T1 First Wave, but is made of GreenGoma #8 Rubber with Super Composite Skin. A more affordable option without sacrificing warmth, comfort or durability.
  • Lined with 4-way stretch Nylon Lycra to minimize chafing. Flexible 2mm body and arms with a lower neckline for comfort. BIO-STROKE design puts your arms into a forward rotated shoulder position for a more efficient swim stroke.
  • YKK custom zipper is small, lightweight, and makes removal easier than ever. Chlorine resistant treatment, but not recommend for repeated use in chlorinated water. Sleek graphics, no gimmicks. Sold as separates for a true customized fit.
  • Please refer to GENDER SPECIFIC SIZE CHART IMAGES ON THE LEFT for accurate sizing guidance.


Stay ahead in your swimming game with the De Soto T1 Black Pearl Pullover Wetsuit (Size 5). Crafted by De Soto, this wetsuit in sleek black features a lighter weight zipper and a less-toxic bonding agent, catering to those with skin sensitivities. Made from GreenGoma #8 Rubber with Super Composite Skin, it offers the same quality as the T1 First Wave but at a more affordable price point. The 4-way stretch Nylon Lycra lining ensures minimal chafing, while the flexible 2mm body and arms, along with the BIO-STROKE design, enhance your swim stroke efficiency. With a YKK custom zipper for easy removal and a chlorine-resistant treatment, this wetsuit combines functionality and style seamlessly. Find your perfect fit by referring to the gender-specific size chart for optimal performance in the water.

UPC: 849302027625