Dagger Rewind Large Sit Inside Whitewater Kayak 9′ | Cosmos


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Experience the thrill of whitewater kayaking with the Dagger Rewind Large sit-inside kayak. Designed for navigating Class 1-5 rivers, this 9-foot vessel delivers unmatched performance and stability. Get ready to conquer the rapids in style with the Cosmos color option.


Brand: Dagger

Color: Cosmos


  • Named “Best Whitewater Boat” – 2019 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards
  • The ultimate downriver play boat
  • Great for whitewater paddlers of all abilities
  • Designed for Class I-V rivers
  • Ample bow volume and rocker for rapid resurfacing and maintaining speed after drops
  • Low volume stern for play – Security Grab handles – Step out wall for added safety
  • Roto-molded seat with Contour Ergo outfitting for ultimate connection to boat
  • Ratcheting leg-lifter & backband adjustments for added comfort and control
  • Adjustable, comfortable thigh-braces & bulkhead footbrace with foam padding
  • Boat Length: 9′ 4″ – Width: ” – Deck Height: ” – Weight lbs


The Dagger Rewind Large Sit-Inside Whitewater Kayak in Cosmos is a top choice for avid whitewater enthusiasts. Named “Best Whitewater Boat” at the 2019 Paddling Magazine Industry Awards, this kayak is designed for tackling Class I-V rivers. With ample bow volume and rocker for rapid resurfacing, along with a low volume stern for play, it offers the perfect balance of speed and maneuverability. The Roto-molded seat with Contour Ergo outfitting ensures a comfortable and secure connection to the boat, while features like ratcheting leg-lifter and backband adjustments, adjustable thigh-braces, and bulkhead footbrace with foam padding provide added comfort and control. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, the Dagger Rewind Large is the ultimate downriver play boat for taking on challenging whitewater adventures.

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