CYBERBOT KS 16S Electric Unicycle One Wheel EUC 16inch Tire BLACK


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Discover the ultimate freedom of mobility with the KS 16S Electric Unicycle! Packed with a powerful 1200W motor and a long-lasting 840Wh battery, this EUC can take you up to 49.7 miles at a top speed of 21.7 mph. Conquer the city streets in style and efficiency with this cutting-edge electric unicycle.

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Color: BLACK


  • Model: 16S
  • Motor: 1200w
  • Battery: 840wh
  • Range: 49.7miles(It depends on different weight, power and road conditions)
  • Max Speed: 21.7mph
  • Charge time: 7h
  • Tire: 16inch
  • Color: Black


The CYBERBOT KS 16S Electric Unicycle is a cutting-edge solution for urban commuting and recreational riding. Featuring a powerful 1200W motor and an 840Wh battery, this sleek black unicycle offers a remarkable range of up to 49.7 miles on a single charge, depending on weight, power, and road conditions. With a top speed of 21.7mph, the KS 16S ensures swift travel around town. The 16-inch tire provides stability and control, while the 7-hour charge time makes it convenient for daily use. Experience the future of personal transportation with the CYBERBOT KS 16S Electric Unicycle.

UPC: 703742984927

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