CYBERBOT Begode MCM5 84V 512Wh Electric Unicycle Self-Balancing Black


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Experience the thrill of effortless transportation with the Begode MCM5 84V Electric Unicycle. With a powerful 512Wh battery and self-balancing technology, this 14-inch wheel is perfect for urban riders seeking maximum fun and convenience. Elevate your commute and enjoy the freedom of swift, eco-friendly travel.

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Color: BLACK


  • Model: Gotway MCM5
  • Max speed: 24.8mph
  • Motor: 1500Watt
  • Battery: 512wh 84v
  • Tire: 14 inches


The Begode MCM5 84V 512Wh 14 Inches Electric Unicycle Self-Balancing by CYBERBOT in BLACK is a top-tier rideable that boasts impressive features. With the Model: Gotway MCM5, this electric unicycle can reach speeds of up to 24.8mph, powered by a robust 1500Watt motor. The 512Wh 84V battery ensures a long-lasting ride, while the 14-inch tire provides stability and smooth maneuvering. Perfect for enthusiasts looking for a high-performance self-balancing unicycle, this sleek and powerful model is a true standout in the market.

UPC: 735189707715

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