Connelly Slalom Waterski Outlaw 69 with DBL Tempest Bindings Multi


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Conquer the waves with the Connelly Outlaw 69 Slalom Waterski equipped with DBL Tempest Bindings. Designed for intermediate to advanced skiers, this waterski offers maneuverability and control for an exhilarating ride. Get ready to carve up the water and take your skills to the next level with this high-performance setup.


Brand: Connelly

Color: multi


  • Closed cell polyurethane resin core
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Standard Tunnel
  • Suggested Speed 26-32 mph


Experience the thrill of slalom waterskiing with the Connelly Outlaw 69 paired with DBL Tempest Bindings in size M (7-9). Designed by Connelly, this waterski features a closed-cell polyurethane resin core and C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology) for enhanced performance on the water. The ski’s standard tunnel provides stability and control, making it ideal for riders looking to carve through the waves at speeds ranging from 26-32 mph. With its multi-color design and high-quality construction, the Connelly Outlaw 69 is a must-have for any watersport enthusiast looking to take their skills to the next level.

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