COBRA King 3D Putter Supernova Slant Neck Right Hand 35 INCH Silver/Black


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Elevate your golf game with the Cobra King 3D Putter Supernova. Designed for precision, this right-hand putter features a 35-inch slant neck for improved accuracy. The sleek silver and black finish adds style to every putt.


Brand: COBRA



  • The KING Supernova 30 putter features a slant neck hosel that is suitable for those that putt with a moderate arc in their stroke and are looking for enhanced stability in an oversize fang shape.
  • MULTI-MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION An oversize fang shape combines a 3D printed nylon lattice insert, a 291g steel frame, an 18g aluminum cap, and 42g of tungsten on the perimeter to provide the maximum stability for increased consistency.
  • 3D PRINTED NYLON CARTRIDGE An intricate 3D printed nylon lattice structure optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI possible for maximum stability.
  • SIK ALUMINUM FACE INSERT An aluminum face insert features SIK Golf’s proprietary Descending Loft Technology (DLT), which utilizes 4 descending lofts to ensure the most consistent and accurate roll for every style of putting stroke.


Experience enhanced stability and precision in your putting game with the Cobra Golf King 3D Putter Supernova 30 Slant Neck. Designed for golfers with a moderate arc in their stroke, this right-hand 35-inch putter features a slant neck hosel for improved stability. The oversize fang shape, multi-material construction combines a 3D printed nylon lattice insert, steel frame, aluminum cap, and tungsten perimeter weighting for maximum stability and consistency. The intricate 3D printed nylon cartridge optimizes weight distribution for high MOI, while the SIK aluminum face insert with Descending Loft Technology ensures a consistent and accurate roll for all putting strokes. Elevate your putting performance with this innovative Cobra Golf putter in sleek silver and black hues.

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Dimensions 48.0 × 5.0 × 5.0 cm