Certified Brands FlightScope Mevo+ LE Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator | Signature Power Bundle


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Elevate your golf game with the FlightScope Mevo+ LE Launch Monitor. This advanced device offers accurate data on ball flight and club performance, while the simulator feature lets you play famous courses from the comfort of your home. Perfect your swing with the Mevo+ LE and Signature Power Bundle.


Brand: Certified Brands

Color: Mevo+ LE with Pro Package & Face Impact Add On


  • This Bundle Contains: 1 FlightScope Mevo+ GPS Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator with Face Impact | 60 Complete Swing Data Parameters, 17 Ranges, and 12 E6 Connect Courses including Pebble Beach and St Andrews + Signature Series Gift Wrap with 1 Signature Series 5000mAh Power Bank + 1 Signature Series Wall Plug
  • Flightscope Launch Monitor and Simulator: The FlightScope Mevo+ is a launch monitor and simulator that uses patented FlightScope Fusion Tracking technology to provide golfers with accurate golf performance data. Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler GPS tracking radar technology and synchronized high speed image processing that helps provide users with the most accurate and consistent data for every shot – indoors and outdoors.
  • Practice with Purpose: With 40+ data parameters, including the essential data like club path, face angle, angle of attack, and face impact location, the Mevo+ Limited Edition provides a world class offering and experience. If you couple this with the exclusive E6 Connect course pack featuring some of the best golf courses in the world, as well as having the benefit of paying no additional subscription fees.
  • All Club Data Included: Mevo+ Limited Edition provides the complete d-plan data set, straight out of the box. Users can utilize essential data for teaching, fitting, and game improvement, making the Mevo+ Limited Edition the ultimate indoor and outdoor launch monitor and simulator that gives golfers, coaches, instructors, and fitters golf performance data that provides the ultimate practice and play experience.
  • Fusion Tracking: FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy. FlightScope recognizes that radar and camera technologies have strengths and weaknesses and therefore we have combined the 2 methods into Fusion Tracking to provide the best of both technologies.


Track your golf performance with precision using the FlightScope Mevo+ LE GPS Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator. This innovative device features Fusion Tracking technology, combining 3D Doppler GPS tracking radar and high-speed image processing for accurate shot data indoors and outdoors. With over 40 data parameters, including club path, face angle, and face impact location, this Limited Edition bundle offers a comprehensive golfing experience. Enjoy access to 12 E6 Connect Courses like Pebble Beach and St Andrews without any additional subscription fees. Whether you’re a golfer, coach, instructor, or fitter, the Mevo+ LE provides the ultimate practice and play experience with its complete d-plan data set and Fusion Tracking technology for unmatched data accuracy.

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