Body-Solid Proclub Line 2-Leg Curl Machine Black


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Enhance your leg workout with the Body-Solid Proclub Line 2-Leg Curl Machine. Designed for professional use, this machine offers a smooth and efficient way to target your leg muscles. Experience superior quality and precision with the SLC400G2.


Brand: Body-Solid

Color: Black


  • Uniquely engineered center-drive cam distributes weight evenly to eliminate lateral torque
  • Biomechanically accurate pivot point ensures ergonomically correct body positioning
  • Elliptical cam keeps arc of movement smooth and provides variable resistance through full range of motion
  • Pop-pin adjustable foot pads assure proper alignment
  • Nylon-coated, self-lubricating, aircraft-quality steel cables


Achieve leg strength and muscle definition with the Body-Solid Proclub Line 2-Leg Curl Machine (SLC400G2). This machine is designed with a uniquely engineered center-drive cam that evenly distributes weight to eliminate lateral torque, ensuring a smooth and effective workout. The biomechanically accurate pivot point promotes correct body positioning, while the elliptical cam provides variable resistance through the full range of motion. Adjustable foot pads and high-quality steel cables further enhance the machine’s durability and user experience. Perfect for commercial or home gyms, this black leg curl machine from Body-Solid is a reliable and efficient addition to any fitness routine.

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