Body-Solid (GCLP100) Compact Leg Press Black


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Get the ultimate leg workout with the Body-Solid Compact Leg Press – a space-saving home gym essential. This versatile equipment includes a calf raise feature for a comprehensive strength training session. Elevate your fitness routine with this convenient and sturdy leg press machine.


Brand: Body-Solid

Color: Black


  • INDUSTRY LEADER: For 30+ years, Body Solid has held the widest array of products designed to meet the demands of the ever-changing fitness industry (home gym, free weight machines, treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, weight plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, flooring, accessories and more). Our products are cutting edge and reliable and are built for Life……Your Life.
  • IMPROVED VERSATILITY: The Body-Solid Compact Leg Press offers more than just a leg press function—it features an integrated calf raise station, delivering a dual-purpose workout capability. This design enables users to effectively engage and fortify the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles using a single machine.
  • TOP-NOTCH BUILD: The Leg Press showcases exceptional durability through its heavy-gauge steel frame and sealed linear ball bearings. This combination guarantees seamless, uniform movements and a resilient machine capable of enduring intense workouts in home gyms. It serves as a dependable cornerstone for your strength training routine.
  • FLEXIBLE & FUNCTIONAL: Designed for user convenience, this Leg Press boasts a fully-adjustable carriage equipped with hand grips, ensuring users are securely positioned while reducing lower back strain. Its two 12” chrome-plated weight horns support an impressive weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs., providing versatility and adaptability to your workout routine.
  • SPACE-SAVING & EFFICIENT: Tailored for home gym setups, the Body-Solid Compact Leg Press optimizes workout space without compromising on performance. With dimensions of 67.1”L x 47.2”W x 46.4”H and a weight of 228.7lbs, it effortlessly integrates into various home gym layouts, delivering an impactful lower body workout while preserving your workout area’s footprint.


Enhance your home gym setup with the Body-Solid (GCLP100) Compact Leg Press. This innovative equipment offers a dual-purpose workout experience with its integrated calf raise station, allowing you to target multiple muscle groups effectively. Built with heavy-gauge steel and sealed linear ball bearings, this leg press ensures durability and smooth movements for intense strength training sessions. The fully-adjustable carriage and hand grips provide user comfort and stability, while the compact design allows for efficient space utilization without compromising on performance. Elevate your lower body workout routine with this reliable and versatile leg press from Body-Solid.

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