Body-Solid DLEC-SF Leg Extension/Curl Machine Gray


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Enhance your lower body workout with the Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg Extension and Curl Machine. This ergonomically designed piece features a self-adjusting leg pad for optimal performance. Experience comfort and adjustability with the adjustable thigh pad.


Brand: Body-Solid

Color: gray


  • DESIGN: Bio-mechanically accurate pivot point ensures ergonomically correct body positioning for natural and complete hamstring development
  • FEATURES: An elliptical cam keeps the user’s arc of movement smooth and provides variable resistance through a full range of motion
  • ADJUSTABLE: Pop-pin adjustable foot pads to assure proper alignment, while the adjustable thigh pads provide stabilization during exercise
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Continuous welded, factory assembled curved frame constructed from sleek, power-coated tubing
  • VERSATILE: Ideal For Quadriceps, Hamstring, And Glute Exercises. The Angles And Ergonomics Of This Machine Are Key For An Effective Workout


Enhance your lower body workout with the Body-Solid DLEC-SF Pro Clubline Pro Dual Leg Extension and Curl Machine. Designed for precise muscle targeting, this machine features a bio-mechanically accurate pivot point ensuring proper body alignment for effective hamstring development. The elliptical cam provides smooth resistance throughout the range of motion, while the adjustable foot pads and thigh pads offer customized support. Crafted with a durable curved frame and sleek power-coated tubing, this machine is built to last. Ideal for quadriceps, hamstring, and glute exercises, the Body-Solid Dual Leg Extension and Curl Machine is a versatile addition to any gym or home workout space.

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