Bells of Steel Safety Squat Barbell 4.0 Black


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Enhance your squat game with the Bells of Steel Safety Squat Barbell 4.0. Featuring a black titanized sleeve and shaft coating, this premium barbell comes with a padded squat pad for comfort. With a weight of 45.6lb and a impressive 1500lb weight capacity, this barbell is perfect for serious lifters.


Brand: Bells of Steel


  • 🏆 Made to Last – Safety Squat Bar with black Titanized shaft and sleeve coating and knurled handles to be quickly grab and hold so you can squat with minimal upper-body involvement.
  • 🏋️Hands-Free Squat – Ergonomically designed padded squat bar to give comfort on your shoulder and can be used HANDS-FREE! — making your squat impediments a thing of the past. So, grab your squat shoes and belt up!
  • 💪 Versatile – More than 10 exercises in one Squat Bar! Use it for front squats, Hatfield squats, good mornings, lunges, split squats, JM presses, and more! And when you’re used to immobility and injuries holding you back, a versatile bar like this is a serious godsend.
  • 📦 What’s in the Package – Your new Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar 4.0 with 1 pair of short handles. 32mm diameter; 86.6in length. Limited Lifetime warranty; 1-year warranty on pad. Note: It’s designed to fit perfectly in any Bells of Steel rack. However, it will NOT sit correctly if used in a non-Bells of Steel rack wider than 49in between the outer edge of the j-cups.
  • 🏆 Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re all about those gainz and customer satisfaction. If this squat bar don’t level up your lifting game, we’ve got your back with our satisfaction guarantee. Our legendary customer support is always ready to spot you.


The Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar 4.0 is a durable and versatile addition to your workout routine. Featuring a black Titanized shaft and sleeve coating, this barbell is designed to last and can handle up to 1500lbs of weight. The premium padded barbell squat pad provides comfort on your shoulders, allowing you to squat hands-free and focus on your form. With over 10 exercises possible, including front squats, good mornings, and lunges, this barbell offers a wide range of workout options to help you achieve your fitness goals. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and exceptional customer support, this Safety Squat Bar is a valuable tool for any serious lifter.

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