Bells of Steel Bumper Plates Black – 520 lb Olympic Weight Set – New Version


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Upgrade your home gym with Bells of Steel Black Bumper Plates – ideal for deadlifts, squats, and more. Versatile Olympic weight plates designed for durability and performance. Elevate your workouts with this 520 lb Olympic weight set.


Brand: Bells of Steel

Color: Black


  • Made to Last – Weight plates made durable enough for commercial and home gym weightlifting. With its 3-point anchor system, lock in and prevent your metal inserts on the loose!
  • Shock-Absorbing – Our bumper plates will add mileage to your barbell by absorbing some of the impacts while reducing the noise. Save your bar and avoid grabbing others’ attention with a loud noise with these plates.
  • More Weights, More Gainz – Our weights for home gym are made from high-quality virgin rubber and designed to be thinner so you’ll be able to add more lb plates, giving you the chance to gain more.
  • What’s in the Package – 520 lb set (2 pairs of 10, 15, 25, 35 and 45 lb) of Bells of Steel Black Bumper Plates itself that are precisely engineered to have +/-1% weight tolerance. These plates are now made by our new supplier, so they look darker and have a thinner outside lip. All other features (bounce, diameter, and width) are the same as our previous version.
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The Bells of Steel Black Bumper Plates are the ideal choice for both commercial and home gyms, designed for deadlifts, squats, bench press, and shoulder press exercises. These Olympic weight plates boast a 450mm diameter and come in a 520 lb set, offering versatility in your workout routine. Crafted from high-quality virgin rubber, these plates are not only durable but also shock-absorbing, protecting your barbell and reducing noise during workouts. With a 3-point anchor system to secure the metal inserts, these plates are built to last. Enjoy the convenience of adding more weight for increased gains, thanks to their thinner design. Plus, with a +/-1% weight tolerance and excellent customer service from Bells of Steel, you can trust in the quality and reliability of these weight plates for your fitness journey.

UPC: 761571710742

Additional information

Weight 519.0 kg
Dimensions 17.7165 × 3.1496 × 17.83461 cm