Bare Men’s Step-in Hooded Vest Black


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Elevate your diving game with the BARE 7MM Men’s Step-in Hooded Vest. This versatile piece can be layered with any 7mm or 5mm full wetsuit for added warmth and comfort during your underwater adventures. Available in sleek black, this vest is a must-have for serious divers looking to enhance their gear.


Brand: Bare

Color: Black


  • ADDED WARMTH FOR COLDER DIVES: Designed to layer with any 7mm or 5mm full wetsuit for extra warmth on colder dives. Attached 7mm hood with 5mm skin-in face seal.
  • EASY IN, EASY OUT: Made with S-FLEX FULL STRETCH blend of neoprene that proivdes plenty of stretch for an easy in, easy out fit.
  • SKIN IN SEALS AROUND SHOULDERS: Provides abrasion and wear resistence while still providing a comfortable freedom of movement
  • HEAVY-DUTY FRONT ZIPPER: Easy to zip up or zip down
  • 57 YEARS OF INNOVATION: From a small shop in British Columbia to a global brand, BARE is known for designing dive and water sport equipment that fits better, functions better and lasts longer


The BARE 7MM Men’s Step-in Hooded Vest in Black LS is a versatile layering piece designed to enhance your diving experience. Offering added warmth for colder dives, this vest can be easily paired with any 7mm or 5mm full wetsuit. The attached 7mm hood with a 5mm skin-in face seal ensures maximum protection against the chill. Constructed with S-FLEX FULL STRETCH neoprene, this vest provides a snug yet flexible fit for effortless wear. The skin-in seals around the shoulders offer durability and comfort while allowing freedom of movement underwater. With a heavy-duty front zipper, donning and doffing are quick and convenient. Benefit from over 57 years of BARE’s innovative design in dive and water sports equipment, ensuring a superior fit, functionality, and longevity.

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