Bare Men’s 7MM Reactive Wetsuit Blue 2XL


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Discover the BARE 7MM Men’s Reactive Wetsuit, offering unparalleled warmth and flexibility in the water. Engineered with innovative Graphene Omnired fabric and full stretch neoprene for ultimate comfort. Ideal for scuba diving adventures, this blue 2XL wetsuit is designed to elevate your underwater experiences.


Brand: Bare

Color: Color: Blue – Sex: Mens – Thickness: 7MM


  • WARMEST WETSUIT AVAILABLE FROM BARE: The wetsuit is designed with a 7MM Neoprene material woven with a unique Graphene Omnired fabric into the liner. This material has been proven to react to your body heat and convert it into infrared energy for maximum body warmth
  • OUTSTANDING FIT AND STRETCH: Full stretch neoprene for the highest degree of stretch and comfort. Designed with anatomically correct pattern in the shoulder and neck area to provide outstanding three-dimensional fit throughout the wetsuit
  • EASY TO GET ON AND OFF: Full length extra long back zipper with puller for easy grip. 7MM and 5MM version includes an extra long ankle zipper. Hook and loop adjustment on collar features a booklet-style cover
  • BUILT TO LAST: Armor-flex knee pad extend the life of the wetsuit in the high-wear knee area
  • 50 YEARS OF INNOVATION: From a small shop in British Columbia to a global brand, BARE is known for designing dive and water sport equipment that fits better, functions better and lasts longer


Experience unparalleled warmth and comfort with the BARE 7MM Men’s Reactive Wetsuit, the warmest wetsuit in the BARE lineup. Crafted from a 7MM neoprene material interwoven with a cutting-edge Graphene Omnired fabric, this wetsuit harnesses your body heat, converting it into infrared energy to keep you cozy in cold waters. The full stretch neoprene ensures exceptional flexibility and an anatomically correct design provides a superior fit. Featuring a convenient extra-long back zipper and durable Armor-flex knee pads, this wetsuit is built to last. Dive confidently with BARE’s 50 years of innovation behind you, making this wetsuit a reliable choice for scuba diving adventures.

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Dimensions 17.8 × 8.9 × 5.0 cm