Bare Evoke 7mm Full Wetsuit Aqua Blue


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Dive into the ocean depths with the Bare Evoke 7mm Full Wetsuit in Aqua Blue (size 08). This sleek and functional wetsuit offers premium comfort and insulation for your underwater adventures. Stay warm and stylish with this top-quality wetsuit designed for performance and durability.


Brand: Bare

Color: Aqua


  • This Item Includes: Bare 7mm Evoke Women’s Full Suit
  • Bare 7mm Evoke Women’s Full Suit
  • Designed by Bare’s All-Female Design Team
  • Embodies the Latest Design Thinking
  • Technically, Innovative Celliant Infrared Technology: Increase Circulation, Body Warmth and Performance Combination of Celliant Fabric Used Thru-Out Suit Additional Warmth Where Needed; Soft High-Pile Fabric, Extra Warmth in Bodies Core Low-Pile Fabric in Arms & Legs Scientifically Proven Technology 13 Thermo-


The Bare Evoke 7mm Full Wetsuit in Aqua Blue, Size 08, is a top-notch choice for female water enthusiasts. This wetsuit, meticulously designed by Bare’s all-female team, incorporates cutting-edge features like Celliant Infrared Technology to boost circulation, body warmth, and overall performance. The suit cleverly combines high-pile fabric for extra warmth in the core areas, and low-pile fabric in the arms and legs for flexibility. Dive into the waters with confidence and style, as this wetsuit not only offers exceptional warmth but also showcases the latest in design innovation for a comfortable and high-performing aquatic experience.

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