Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbells 5-60 LB (780LB) w/ 2 Tier 72″ Dumbbell Rack


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Get fit with Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbells! This set includes weights ranging from 5-60 LB with a total of 780 LB, perfect for a complete workout. The durable 2 Tier 72″ Dumbbell Rack helps keep your space organized and clutter-free.


Brand: Ader


The Ader Octagon Rubber Dumbbells set includes weights ranging from 5 to 60 pounds, totaling 780 pounds, accompanied by a sturdy 2-tier 72″ Dumbbell Rack for convenient storage. Crafted by Ader, a renowned fitness brand, these rubber dumbbells are designed for durability and versatility, perfect for various strength training exercises. Keep your workout space organized and clutter-free with the included rack, ensuring easy access to your dumbbells during your fitness routine. Ideal for home gyms or commercial fitness centers, this set offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your strength training regimen.

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